From the award-winning creators of "The Underwater Fancy-dress Parade" and "Under the Love Umbrella" comes this joyful ode to all the unique and wonderful qualities that make children who they are. 


Filled with colourful illustrations and oodles of examples about all the different ways we can be smart, including kindness, bravery, sharing and caring. "All the Ways to be Smart" is the 2019 winner of the ABIA Children's Book of the Year award.

About the Author
Davina Bell is a writer from Western Australia. She is the author of the award-winning picture book The Underwater Fancy-Dress Parade (illustrated by Allison Colpoys), which won the 2016 Australian Book Industry Award for Best Childrens Book from a Small Publisher, as well as the Alice books in the best-selling Our Australian Girl series. For six years she was a Senior Editor at Penguin Books in the Young Readers Division, where she worked with some of our country's most beloved childrens book creators. 

Davina lives and works in Melbourne, where she still dreams about the Western Australian beaches while drinking a lot of very good Melbourne coffee.

All the Ways to be Smart

  • All the Ways to be Smart

    By: Davina Bell and Allison Colpoys

    ISBN: 9781925713435