A tried-and-true relaxation and self-care activity: hopping into a bath with a bath bomb.

Scented with Cedarwood, Orange & Rose, this Washpool bath bomb produces thick, luxurious bubbles and leaves your skin feeling silky and soft. With addded magnesium sulphate (also known as Epsom Salts) to help with muscle tension and grapeseed oil for gentle moisturising.

Typically, most bath bombs lack a solubiliser that can safely disperse essential oils. Washpool bath bombs contain a natural solubiliser, which is palm oil free, to deliver luxurious bubbles in an ethical, environmentally friendly formula.

All natural ingredients. Palm oil free, to protect the enviroment and animal habitats. Wrapped in biodegradable cellophane. Vegan.

Bath Bomb "Serenity"