Celebrate the Queen of Flowers. A story of love at first sight, Frances Palmer became obsessed with dahlias the moment she spotted one in a gardening book. Today, growing dahlias is her passion, and the flowers, in all sizes and colors, fill her extraordinary pots as if they were made for each other. In this 750-piece puzzle, trace a journey that begins in the earth&;in a bulb, in clay&;and ends in a work of dizzying beauty.

  • 750 full-color interlocking pieces
  • Art print with puzzle image
  • Finished puzzle is 26 3/8" x 18 7/8"

Dahlias: 1000 piece puzzle

  • Dahlias 

    750- Piece Jigsaw Puzzle 

    By: Frances Palmer, Artisan Puzzle 

    ISBN: 9781648290435