A gripping, triumphant memoir about the power of addiction and its effect on the brain — from a man who knows it intimately

Marc Lewis knows addiction: that desperate ambition to get high accompanied him around the world for many years. In the 1960s, Lewis was a teenager in boarding school, experimenting with cough syrup and alcohol to assuage his depression. When he moved to Berkeley, California, the pulsing heart of the counter- cultural movement, he began using LSD and heroin. Thirty-four years on, Marc Lewis is a neuroscientist, and he studies the brains of troubled children. But he never forgets that he was once one of those kids — and that, no matter how many scientific conferences he attends, he always will be.

In this mesmerising memoir, Lewis recounts his relationship with drugs from the inside out. Memoirs of an Addicted Brain is a penetrating, powerful analysis of addiction that offers a fascinating insight into the human brain — and what drives it to self-destruction.

Memoirs of An Addicted Brain

  • Memoirs of An Addicted Brain

    A Neuroscientist Examines His Former Life on Drugs

    By: Marc Lewis

    ISBN: 9781921844607