Laugh at yourself (and everyone else) with My Therapist Color: a humorous colouring book that helps you decompress as you colour memes based on shared experiences.

From the creators of the celebrated Instagram @MyTherapistSays comes this humorous colouring book based on popular memes from their account to help you relax and de-stress from all of life's ups and downs. Take a break from the screens without letting go of the content you crave.

With over 50 colouring book pages on Relationships, Dealing with People, Adulting, Lack of Sleep, and more, these line drawn art pages with comedic accompanying text are sure to make you smile. This simple and inexpensive way to relieve stress is almost as good as going to your actual therapist. Hopefully, it will also channel your inner creativity, help you unwind, and stop burnout in its tracks. 

About the Author
My Therapist Says is the brainchild of four best friends and sisters, who needed an outlet for both their anxiety and their ridiculous stories, which they felt would be better chronicled anonymously, with the humour their friends have come to expect from them. All hailing from Canada, the girls used the account to keep in touch with each other's lives by meme-ing about their travels away from home. Within a year, the Instagram became a viral sensation and grew into a business of its own.

Their biting sarcasm, keen sense of humour, and