• 1kg
  • Curved design to sit around neck comfortably and prevent slipping off during use
  • 100% cotton in plain or patterned fabrics
  • Filling is not treated with chemicals or fungicides
  • Odour free
  • 100% Australian-grown lupin filling
  • Microwave or freeze for hot or cold pack
  • Doesn't sweat when heated
  • Retains heat longer than wheat
  • Comes with instructions for use and care

Hot/Cold Pack: neck wrap

  • Wheat-free neck wrap bags, to help ease neck and shoulder aches, relieve stress and relax.


    Designed and manufactured in Australia by Wili Heatbags, a family-run small business in Adelaide, these neck wraps are filled with lupin rather than wheat. Lupins are a legume and are 30% lighter than wheat, suitable for people with gluten allergies, and won't develop a cooked or burnt smell over time. Wili Heatbags can be used as hot or cold packs, and can be spot cleaned or washed in a gentle wash in a washing machine.