Start with a Shape is an art exercise book for those looking to create simple but very striking design work using accessible exercises ranging from colouring in, collage and simple shape drawings.

For those looking for more than just colouring in, this offers a beautiful book to expand their creative experience. From finding sophisticated colour combinations to mark making, and paper cut-outs to simple drawings, this will inspire anyone with a creative spark.


The book includes an exercise on designing with variations in one colour, starting with a square, a Matisse-style exercise of paper cut outs of squares, and the power of the brick pattern of squares. It also features a section of colour strips at the back of the book that can be pulled out and cut up.


They also work as a terrific reference for colour combinations. And, of course, it features the amazing art of Ophelia Pang, which is inspiration itself.

Ophelia Pang's Interactive Art Book

  • Ophelia Pang's Interactive Art Book

    Start with a shape to colour, draw and design. 

    By: Ophelia Pang

    ISBN: 9781849943826