In celebration of every body, Australian artist Christine Yahya invites you to look beyond clothes and embrace a world of stretch marks, scars, stoma bags, body hair, mastectomies, vitiligo and asymmetrical boobs, where people of all abilities and identities can find joy and feel safe.

Follow the path that leads to Mount Everbreast, toss a coin into the Let it Flow fountain, borrow a book from the community library or simply sit and watch the ducklings.

Lift the lid to read Christine’s artist statement and find forty of her favourite feel-good Instagram accounts to follow. 

About the Author

Christine Yahya is an Armenian-Australian graphic designer and illustrator based in NSW. She started illustrating Pink Bits in 2016. Christine is inspired by and celebrates people and bodies in all their glory, illustrating the bits and shapes we're told to hide. She strives to create illustrations that provide representation for the daily realities and diverse bodies as well as art for those who are not commonly featured in our media-dense society. Christine has worked with Thinx, Bodyform UK, Dame Products and Archer Magazine and has been featured by Refinery 29, Pop Sugar, Shape, Evening Standard, Subvrt Magazine and THIIIRD.

Body Inclusivity: A 1000-Piece Equality Jigsaw Puzzle