Express yourself – with stickers! 

If there’s one thing that’s certain in these extraordinarily uncertain times, it’s that we are feeling all the feels – happy, sad, anxious, loving, angry, worried, and more, sometimes all in an afternoon. 

Created especially for sticker lovers, planner devotees, stationery users, crafters, and journallers, as well as mental health advocates and anyone who’s practicing self-care or in therapy, So. Many. Feelings Stickers. is a collection of 2,700 colourful and very clever stickers to mark every feeling and mood. In the same way that we use the ubiquitous emoji to punctuate our digital communication, these stickers will help users express how they’re feeling at a particular moment in time, in a fun, creative, indirect yet instantly knowable way. 

There are universally understood images (a heart, a dark cloud). Stickers that simply say what they mean – “Nope” and “So that happened.” And stickers that combine images and words – “grouchy” as a caption to a cactus, “hopeful” with seedlings sprouting in a planter.

So. Many. Feelings Stickers.