'This Is Me', written by Inner West author Trudy Emerson, is a memoir of her life so far. Told from a lived-experience perspective, Trudy explains what life with a disability is like, and shares about her family, childhood, interests and the hard work she has put into becoming the person she wants to be. The book covers topics including independence and self determination, education, understanding intellectual disabilities and Trudy's special interest in Kung Fu.

This book is signed by the author.


Excerpt from 'This Is Me'; "I hope you like my stories. It took a long time to work them out and I have changed my ways to learn, listen, understand and know about my disability. Now I feel like a normal person."


About the Author

Trudy Emerson is a writer from Petersham, NSW with lived experience of intellectual disability. Her first book, 'This Is Me', is a self-published memoir.

This is Me